"THIS IS IT" Bootleg series Nick's Cabaret, Vincent's, Lucky Dog, Beatniks & Palladium

by Ariband



"THIS IS IT": The live bootleg series. All tracks consist of live performances either at venues located in Worcester, MA. After collecting songs over the course of about 3 years, here is a collection of some of the raw material. Some of the dead air and chatter between tracks has been removed, and, in some cases, the shows are left as entire tracks, so the listener can get a feel for the evening as a whole experience. Lot of material on this album. And even a few laughs. RAWK on!


released September 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Ariband Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: "THIS IS IT" Vincent's solo 9/22/14 SET ONE
"Love will, carry you out of the shadow of death.
Give you a last life giving breath.
Tell you the beginning, cause you know the rest,
yeah, looking good in yer favorite dress." - London Boy

"No limitation, no lookin' back,
Cheap imitation, want my money back.
One foot off & the other back on,
The Queen of Hearts knows what side she's on
the Jack of Diamonds he's a shinin' on
& the Joker's always wild." - Joker's Wild

"Last night, I done murdered a rock, injured a stone,
hospitalized a brick, I'm so mean, I make medicine sick." (-ALI said that)
"They gonna come from miles and miles around, to watch them stand em up, and watch me knock em back down" - (I said that) - Ali the Greatest
Track Name: "Down on Suffolk" Vincent's solo 9/22/14 SET TWO
"Though the canopy saves you from all that may fall,
you are missing out on the rain." - Another Sunrise

"I seen your face there on the vinyl record case,
it ain't the same as your voice on the line." - Be My Methadone

"Gonna be out late tonight, so luck be a lady,
Lookin' my way, she drivin' me crazy,
Pour me a Guinness, pour me a stout,
Got my dead stock j's out." - Dead Stock Kicks

"I know the date, and the time & the place,
Got Mona Lisa staring at my fucked up face." - Still Our City

"Electronic cigarette, in your mind, in your head,
Blowing smoke rings at your hair,
Reached for her, she wasn't there...
She smokes, she smokes, she smokes... 3 packs a day!!!
Lemon yellow neon light, no vacancy inside your mind.
Down on Suffolk, THIS IS IT. Need a bed, need a hit.
She smokes, she smokes, she smokes..." - Electronic Cigarette

"Sometimes we flip, we both trip,
lose our head, say some shit,
we don't, really mean.
Maybe I'm just blowing off steam,
or maybe you are as freaky as you seem." - Love Becomes a Habit

"Steak & gravy, steak & gravy,
She's so wild, I'm thinkin' maybe.
What the fuck u want?
What the fuck u want?
What the fuck u want?!" - Pins 'n' Needles

"We're all on the way to consciousness."
- Consciousness: Nocturnal Bliss
Track Name: "Whiskey & Bacon" Nick's solo set 3/7/12
"Yeah, you know, you could've been an angel,
but I would never even know, I was staring at your black teeth."
- Liberty Street

"God I'm a fearless warrior, travelling through space,
Gonna catch an evening train, the one.
Born again, from the earth, forged from steel and flame,
Will not go before my time, I will return again,
Gonna meet my blade again, the one.
God, I'm a sun." - Fearless Warrior
Track Name: Dead Stock Kicks (Nick's 9-30-14)
"Gonna be out late tonight, so luck be a lady,
lookin' my way, making me crazy,
Pour me a Guinness, pour me a stout,
Got my dead stock J's out, yeah."
Track Name: Car (Nick's 9-30-14)
"Think I'll take a walk and try to escape my mind.
Scared when I'm thinkin that life keeps passin me by."
Track Name: "All They Got" & "Vintage Love Song"
"Her stockings were tight, and her smile was cute.
She paid a nickel to buy my a brew, whatever.
It's not supposed to feel this good.
I waited a long time tho, so it should all be good." - Vintage Love Song
Track Name: Dead Man (Amazing Arts 4/2/15)
"Inspiration comes in waves
Meditation sets the stage,
change the station, give me somethin' real,
it don't matter, it don't matter how I feel.

Makin love to a dead man
Makin love to a dead man
Makin love to a dead man
In the middle of the night to the words of a dead man.

I fall asleep in the middle of the day,
I hope they hear us when we pray
I'm glad that I met you, how else would i know
Home sweet home, I dont wana lose control.

(repeat chorus)

Got four walls, a roof above my head,
Holy water, got my daily bread, she said,
'Do you wana come over? Im just killin time.'
They say, that love is contagious,
so let me see you smile."

(last chorus)